Welcome to the Best Upon Request Online Store!

makes no warranties for the quality of workmanship or fit of the merchan-
dise, but works 
with the vendor directly to approve the items being offered
based on general appearance, 
adherence to our brand standards and
perceived quality. 

BEST provides logo wear credits at hire toward the purchase of an initial supply,
and once 
annually, as an anniversary gift. Team members will be given infor-
mation and access to the 
online store along with an individualized credit code
to make purchases directly. Purchases that 
exceed the credit amount are the
responsibility of the individual team member, and payment by 
personal debit/-
credit card will be expected at the time of purchase from the online store.  

Purchases may also be made at any time by team members, at their own

Team member logo wear orders will be shipped directly to the office or home
location of each 
individual team member. All credit amounts include an allowance for shipping
and taxes.  

Team members should take extra precautions considering fit and sizing when
ordering online, 
as returns and exchanges are generally not accepted by the
vendor or by BEST.

Customer Service: For questions about ordering, please call 513-247-3020
                              or email Muñoz Brandz Customer Service (customerservice@munozbrandz.com)

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